thankyou Project

Background: This interactive exhibit encouraged sharing, creating and expressing what we are each uniquely grateful for.

Process: Participants were guided to write, post, and publicly share on an oversized poster board what they are individually grateful for. I was curious to learn if trends appeared between post-it color selection and content submission. An interactive infograph based upon this data is currently in the works!

Below this touch point sat a series of 5 postcards. Each postcard had a partially sketched shape, scene or 'finish the sentence' prompt. Participants were encouraged to sit down to create a unique postcard to a friend or loved one that I happily mailed to anyone, anywhere. Inks, markers, stamps were provided.

Outcome: Success!! 26 people interacted with the thankyouProject. Participants interacted with the exhibit for 5-10 minutes sharing, creating and expressing their gratitude to strangers, friends and loved ones across the country and the world.

The top three things people are thankful for include: People, Love, and Goals.